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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Jade PatelJade Patel
Passed First Time!
Having Mike as my driving instructor could not have been better. He made me feel safe, supported and confident behind the wheel and is an excellent teacher. Learning to drive has been such a fun and enjoyable experience and I owe it all to Mike. He would tailor each lesson to suit me on where I felt I needed more practice and confidence with. Mike is the reason I passed my driving test first time! I would 100% recommend Mike and the LCD Driving School to anyone learning to drive, whether you are a new starter or someone who has already experienced learning to drive. "Thank you so much Mike!"

Hannah StevensonHannah Stevenson
Congratulations Hannah
I would highly recommend Mike as a driving instructor, he put me at ease behind the wheel and most importantly, gave me the confidence that I could pass (especially when I thought it would never happen!). Mike has a calm nature and was always very polite and professional, which contributed massively towards my pass. It was a pleasure learning with Mike and I can't thank him enough for all the support he gave me.

Ava BajpaiAva Bajpai
Well done Ava
Mike was the reason I passed my test no question! His upbeat approach to every lesson keeps you positive and confident, no question is silly and his style is very tailored to you, he'll find out what stage you are and make sure you go in fully prepared no matter where you start. He's a good listener so if you say you want to focus on something in particular, he'll plan and make sure you're both satisfied! I was very happy with my lessons, I did double lessons every week and I'm so glad I did my research and picked Mike and LDC! Would 100% recommend! :)

Kieran WatsonKieran Watson
Mike has been an excellent teacher across the lessons I have had with him. He is very well mannered and well tempered which results in a relaxed learning experience and a confidence booster. It has been a pleasure and I highly recommend Mike and LDC Driving School to anyone starting off driving or is already experienced in being behind the wheel.

Alistair TaylorAlistair Taylor
Well, where do I start? I mean, right from the first time I met Mike, I was greeted in a very polite, professional and courteous manner, which then carried on throughout my lessons each time. I have enjoyed every lesson with Mike, he has a great teaching style, and has a lot of patience when instructing pupils, which helps to make you feel comfortable each time. What I liked the most about the lessons, whenever I made a mistake, that could have been corrected, we went back again and did just that! Which aids the confidence and the learning journey. But also, the LDC system is fantastic, the driving skills booklet has everything you need to know for driving, and includes great examples too! Literally, anything you need to know about driving, it's in there! I would definitely recommend to others. But more importantly, the fees for each lesson are excellent, and worth every penny, definitely value for money! I would recommend to anyone who is looking to start out.

Seb MurtaghSeb Murtagh
Mike is a very calm and supportive instructor who offers an extremely flexible service. He never made me feel uneasy or pressured and made learning to drive an enjoyable experience.

Nick HarrisonNick Harrison
Passed 1st time
Having Mike as an instructor was helpful and made me confident in my driving ability. From going to having no experience to passing in roughly 20 lessons shows the quality tuition he provided. Mike was flexible and very accommodating with my lesson times in order to suit my other commitments like sixth form. He is 100% worth the money and I would recommend him to anyone.

Lizzie GibbonsLizzie Gibbons
Passed 1st time
Mike is a lovely guy and is always smiling and supportive. I thought that balancing my apprenticeship and learning to drive was going to be a nightmare, but Mike made special efforts to make sure that I could have lessons whenever there was an opportunity, picking me up from various locations. Mike, thank-you for all your help, I'm loving driving.

Fruzsina SoosFruzsina Soos
Well done Fru, congratulations!

Duncan Pope
Mike, I cannot recommended you enough. You made me feel confident while learning to drive even when I thought I wasn't doing well. You were understanding about my Epilepsy, which is quite a big concern while learning to drive. You were always polite and found ways of explaining thing in a way I could understand. Thank you for all your hard work, although you never made it feel like hard work. 5*

Olusola Abosede Olatunji
Congratulations Sola, so pleased for you.

Siobhan MurtaghSiobhan Murtagh
Congratulations Siobhan, well done!!

Nikki CavanaghNikki Cavanagh
Congratulations Nikki, well done!!

Natalie Smith
First Time Pass
Well done Natalie, congratulations!!

Liam WheatleyLiam Wheatley
Passed First Time !!
'Having completed a 30 hour semi-intensive course with LDC I would highly recommend it. My instructor Mike had a really enjoyable teaching style and was a pleasure to spend lessons with. He had great patience and flexibility whilst teaching me all key skills for passing my test. Indeed I was test ready by the end of my course! LDC also provided me with other materials which I found helpful too' Mike, once again thank-you so much for teaching me to drive and I'm over the moon to have passed first time before I go off to Spain to work and continue my career.

Pavitar NandhraPavitar Nandhra
Pavitar - St Albans
Mike is a very upbeat, friendly and helpful instructor who will always make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Convenience for me was an important factor with balancing a part time job, sixth form and driving lessons. Therefore whether it was starting up on short notice, preference of timings of lessons and even flexible payments: these were all things that Mike delivered. Thanks Mike for all your guidance in helping me pass my test #Freedom

Sarah StakerSarah Staker
Sarah - Luton
Mike is a brilliant instructor! He has been so helpful with all my struggles when first getting into the car with him. He has built up my confidence in driving which enabled me to pass. I would recommend him to everyone and his polite manner always makes you feel comfortable in the driving seat. Thank you Mike for everything I really appreciate it.

Jeffrey Touchard-PaxtonJeffrey Touchard-Paxton
Passed First Time
Congratulations Jeffrey !